Aviation Fueling System

Large airport fueling facilities must run with extreme efficiency to provide the fuel quality required for today’s aircraft jet engines. Along with safety and efficiency, cost concerns determine every aspect of the design and operation of fuel storage, distribution and dispensing systems. Most large airports receive their fuel by pipeline and stored most often in vertical Storage Tanks constructed to API650.

Pipelines are an efficient and safe means of moving large volumes of Jet Fuel throughout
the airport’s fuelling networks beneath the airport apron. Fuels are metered and tested to ensure quality control, before it flows through specialist fuel dispensers to refuel planes.

ENIPROM caters this sector by providing products, support and services as follows:

  • Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipes and Fittings
  • Steel Plates for storage tanks
  • Manual & Actuated Valves
  • Double Block & Bleed Valves
  • External Coating
  • Internal Lining suitable for Jet fuel
  • Customers in this sector rely on ENIPROM to ensure total management of their supply chain, be it for standard material and for those
    which require coating, lining and project specific fabrication.