District cooling and Industrial Processes

District cooling systems are comprised of collective equipment to produce and distribute chilled water to buildings equipped with energy transfer stations (sub-stations).

The chilled water supplies its cooling properties
to the building’s installations. A cooling system operates in closed-circuit and always includes
at least two water pipes; one of which carries
the chilled water to the end-user, and the other which carries it back towards the production plant.

The district cooling systems therefore
involve three key components: the production plants, the distribution network and the energy transfer stations.

ENIPROM caters this sector by providing products support and services as follows:

  • Pre-insulated steel piping system • Isolation Valves
  • Actuated Valves
  • Service Pipes
  • System Pressure Control

ENIPROM’s quality system ensures that customers are supplied with products that will maintain the integrity and safety of their projects and systems, creating solutions that simultaneously protect people and assets.